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As an organization that has been around for the past 40 years, we have had countless volunteers, board members and staff members help to propel us to the point we have reached today. Each leaving their impact not only on our mission, but our hearts.

For the past eight years, the heart beat of our organization has been Elizabeth. Her warmth and radiance has carried us through obstacles and triumph. She has not only loved this small mountain community, she has fought endlessly so that all who call Watauga County home, are able to have a warm meal on their table or life saving medication in their cabinet. 

Our hearts are heavy as we share the recent news of her diagnosis, glioblastoma. This aggressive form of cancer is located on her brain stem, an even more rare occurrence. 

Typing these words is unimaginable. As a staff, our hearts are completely shattered. Elizabeth is so many things to so many people. A mentor, joy, warmth, laughter, leader, companion, a champion of good. To us she was all of those things, but above all, a dear friend. 

Whether you are a donor, volunteer, local community member or friend reading this, our time with her is limited. The family has asked that hand written letters of your special memories with Elizabeth be written to the following address: 

Pia Tsivourakis

3234 Wisteria Dr.

Vestavia Hills, AL 35216

You may also take a picture of the letter and send a digital copy to

Elizabeth lives each second to the fullest, leaving her impact on each and every person she comes in contact with. As a staff, we will continue to do the same. Her vision for the organization and our community as greater whole will not be lost. We will press on, it is what she would want after all. 

Upon Elizabeth's request, Jenn Bass will be serving as Acting Executive Director for an indefinite period. She may be reached at

As an organization we ask that you please be patient as we navigate this new era without Elizabeth.  Our main concern is ensuring our staff are properly taken care of during this time while we continue to keep her fierce spirit alive. One of her favorite sayings is "eat the dang pie" a testament, in her own Elizabeth way, to live life to the fullest. A testament we plan to uphold for as long as we are so lucky. 


Thank you all for your unwavering support. We have been met with grace, love and warmth during all of this, a reflection of Elizabeth and how she shows up for her people. We are so deeply grateful for you all. 

If you would like to stay up to date with Elizabeth during her health journey, click the button below to see her Caring Bridge site.

It will ask that you create a profile, completely free and simple to do.

with warmth and appreciation,

The Hunger and Health Coalition Team