we go beyond just handing our clients a box of food.

At the Hunger and Health Coalition we provide the resources for our clients to make and cook healthier choices.

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nutritional education

Our team of registered dietician and nutritionist are here Monday through Friday to help you make healthier choices when purchasing food of your own.

Clients are able to speak with a nutritionist personally, receive recommendations as well as personalized diet linked tailored options for when a client is cooking their own meals or purchasing their own food. 

Our goal is to ensure that every client is equipped with the resources to make the healthiest decision possible for their well being!


Our boxes of food are healthy, nutritious and well balanced. But if our clients don't know how to cook the raw products we provide in our boxes, in the end we haven't changed anything. 

That changes here.

Our nutritional education team works around the clock to provide clients with recipes and instructional videos on how to prepare healthy well balanced meals for themselves and loved ones. 

Most of the meals are made with ingredients found here at the Hunger and Health Coalition! 

Use the button provided to see different recipes we are cooking up here at the Hunger and Health Coalition!