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Food Insecurity            screenings




     Through agency partnerships, the Hunger and Health Coalition has worked endlessly to help prevent chronic illnesses within our community. For us, that starts the second you step into the doctor's office. 

     As only the THIRD to do so in the state of North Carolina, all medical offices within the Appalachian Regional Healthcare System will screen patients for food insecurity.


We strive each and every day to make our beautiful mountain town a more sustainable, healthy and thriving community for all. 


Studies show that the leading risk factors contributing to disease is poor nutrition. 

Through a partnership with Appalachian Regional Healthcare System, Appalachian State University's Nutrition and Healthcare Management Department, and High Country Food Hub we are paving the way to offer our clients more nutritious foods while also making our services more accessible despite barriers including transportation. 

Follow along to see how our work not only improves the lives of our clients, but also our community. 


Should someone identify as being food-insecure through a series of questions, practitioners provide a prescription to refer their patient to the HHC for a medically tailored food box, ongoing nutritional assistance, and nutrition education wrap-around services. 

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At the Hunger and Health Coalition,

we believe:

These prescription pads allow for staff at the Hunger and Health Coalition to build tailored food boxes for clients based on their risk factors or any ailments they may be facing. Diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity can all be fought against with a proper diet.  Our nutrition team is trained to provide our clients with the healthiest possible choices. Food is medicine. 

to us,
community matters
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everyone wins

As the leading purchaser from High Country Food Hub, we take great pride in investing in our local farmers so that our clients can have the best quality food. Farms such as Full Moon Farm in Triplett, North Carolina provide beautiful produce weekly.  When our clients are able to eat nourishing foods, lines at pharmacies across the community will begin to shorten.  

from the farm, to our hands

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