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  • Location : Boone, North Carolina

  • Part Time | 20 Hours

  • Reports to the Director of Operations

  • Compensation based on experience


The Hunger and Health Coalition (HHC) is seeking a Pharmacist to join our growing team.

General Definition of Work


This position is full time, based here in Boone, North Carolina with hours ranging from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The Pharmacist is responsible for the oversight of the pharmacy and ensuring the quality, accuracy and legitimacy of the medications that are dispensed to vulnerable populations. The ideal candidate will be self motivated, passionate, energetic, highly organized and has a passion for helping their community become a more equitable place for all.  


As the largest food pantry in Watauga County, Hunger and Health Coalition has been a local resource for thousands of families in need for nearly 40 years. As a free pharmacy, food pantry, as well as a safety net of resources, our operations are both extensive and fast paced. Our team is inclusive and passionate about helping our neighbors in need. We hope you will join our mission as our Pharmacist!




  • Compounding and dispensing medications, as prescribed by physicians.

  • Monitoring customers’ drug therapies, advising interventions, and informing customers of any potential side effects.

  • Instructing customers on how and when to take prescribed medications.

  • Conducting health and wellness screenings if needed.

  • Providing immunizations, and other medical services, such as taking blood pressure, temperature measurements, and checking blood sugar levels.

  • Keeping accurate customer records.

  • Ensuring a safe and clean working environment.

  • Completing operational requirements of the pharmacy, including verifying order entries, maintaining records of controlled substances, charges, and removing expired and/or damaged drugs from the pharmacy’s inventory.

  • Adhering to applicable legal rules, regulations, and procedures governing pharmaceutical practice.

  • Performing other administrative tasks when needed.

  • Being able to communicate with diverse and vulnerable population.


Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy or pharmacology.

  • Proven experience as a pharmacist.

  • Valid license to practice as a pharmacist.

  • Detailed understanding and knowledge of dosage requirements and administration, chemical compounds, and pharmaceutical brands.

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and software applications, used by pharmacies.

  • Great organizational skills.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Passion for non profits. 

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