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Thank you so much for filling out the Hunger and Health Coalition nutrition services survey. We appreciate you taking time to fill out the survey, and wanted to share the new changes we will be working toward based on your suggestions.

     More Fresh Produce' was the most requested type of food item. We're doing all we can to stock as much fresh produce as possible- we're buying from the Food Hub and Critcher Produce each week, giving seeds to gardeners to grow food in their space, and we're working directly with farmers to bring food to our back door directly.
     For the rest of the summer, we are also signing families up to receive free extra farm produce bags when you pick up your food box! Next time you are in, ask about adding a Farm Fresh Box to your pickup!

     In the coming year, we are expanding our nutrition programming to include support groups for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diet-linked diseases. These groups will meet regularly and provide a space for our community to discuss and work through their diet and health issues together. Topics for these groups will include eating well on a budget, new cooking tips and techniques, and dealing with specific health conditions without insurance. Plus, we're going to have a brand new and more accessible space for our nutrition programs this fall- look out for the official announcement this fall!

     We provided over 25 nutrition consultations with community members this past year, and are happy with how well these were received by our community members. We plan on continuing to offer free nutrition consultations in the fall. If you'd like to check in with Dr. Gutschall or her team or get an initial, personalized nutrition consultation, email the address below.

     Thank you so much again. We love hearing from our community about the ways we can improve our services.  To sign up to hear about the launch of these new programs, email with your name and phone number and you'll be first in line for more free nutrition events and support!


nutrition survey results 2021

Thank you again, and look out for more HHC surveys in the future!

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