fresh market

The fresh market pr0gram

The Fresh Market Program works in concert with the Food Pantry program to provide our clients with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and baked goods.

How it works

The Fresh Market is stocked with donations from local bakeries, grocery stores, and donations from community members.

Families can choose a selection of items  in a "shopping-like environment" letting clients choose food they will enjoy.

Additionally, much of our food comes from a local purchasing program, designed to produce fresh local produce while supporting local farmers and providers

what's provided

Depending on availability, clients can take home a bag of breads, a bag of fresh fruits/vegetables, 2 to 4 items from the refrigerated section and a pastry or dessert selection for the family.

signing up

The Hunger and Health Coalition requires  a photo I.D. and proof of a Watauga County address when signing up for fresh market services.