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As a social worker, Kelle was aware that many children lacked beds and bedding, and were forced to sleep on floors, chairs, or in crowded beds. As a young mother herself, this was troubling and she became passionate about developing a community based project to address this need.


Kelle's Kribs was created to fulfill a vision for Watauga County that was near and dear to our daughter Kelle’s heart. 

We are equally committed to enacting Kelle’s vision to provide children in need with their own beds. Our daughter was a loving and caring woman and a beautiful light in our lives. We want that light to shine on in reflection of her passion for children, as well as her love for and service to Watauga County.

Kelle’s Krib has been in existence since June of 2017. We started off slowly, using donations from our business, or church, and close friends.Kelle’s Krib receives referrals from the Children’s Council, as well as the Hunger and Health Coalition. The recipients are evaluated by the professionals in these organizations to determine the level of need. The Children’s Council works closely with Oasis, Inc., and we are now able to provide aid to these mothers and their children who arrive in emergent need of help.

As of the end of December, Kelle’s Krib has provide more than 200 new cribs, twin beds, and bedding. The need is greater than ever. Kelle’s Krib is here to meet that need.

do you know someone in need of a bed? Please use the buttons below to learn more information or get in touch with a representative who can help!


Kelle with her son Baxter.

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